Old Europe Furniture Workshop

Old Europe Furniture Workshop: furniture made to measure in Bergamo and Lombardy.

The Old Europe Furniture Workshop, active in Caravaggio (Bergamo), was founded by master craftsman Angelo Gnocchi, who taught his son, daughter and workers the art of marquetry and artisan production of wooden furniture and decorations.

We firmly believe that every customer is unique and as such deserves to find their own style: our mission is therefore to give our customers the chance to have a piece of furniture which has been created according to their own preferences and specifications.

Many years have passed since everything began and now Old Europe is a point of reference in the artisan furniture sector all over the world. We know all the characteristics and the traditional elements typical to the entire range of furniture styles very well.

We know how to help our customers to choose the perfect piece of furniture for them, satisfying every personalisation request as best as we can (even if this does not respect the original style).

We design, develop and build our furniture combining tradition with the best and most modern technology, marrying everything with extensive and mature experience and that touch of inspiration which has always separated us from the rest. Our works are the fruit of a knowing and attentive mixture of tradition, precision, technology and creativity, with the objective of creating a refined piece which reflects the customers’ wishes.

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